Digital Insight gives log-in free sneak peek to bank balances over iOS

Source: Digital Insight

Consumers will be able to utilize the latest iOS enhancements to make checking bank account balances easier and faster due to enhancements that Digital Insight, an NCR company, is making available to global banking and credit union customers of its Mobile Banking App.

Bank customers and credit union members of Digital Insight clients will be able to view their account balances from the pull-down widget on their iPhone or iPad without logging into their mobile banking Apps. With this feature, consumers can check their available balance and recent activity in real time, allowing them a view of their funds before making a purchase.

Utilizing 3D touch, consumers get additional banking short cuts and menus. With the iPad split-screen, users may also multitask their financial activities and integrate banking into their daily lives. The new version also supports landscape orientation, enabling consumers to see accounts and transactions side by side.

“Digital Insight’s mobile strategy centers on delivering consumers a delightful and innovative experience so that they are using a mobile banking app that exceeds their expectations. We believe that delighted consumers will deepen their relationship with their Financial Institutions thereby setting up institutions for long term success in mobile,” said Dan Weis, Senior Product Manager for Mobile Banking, Digital Insight.

These features demonstrate the alignment of Digital Insight’s mobile strategy with those of the industry giants, such as Apple and Google. This approach helps Digital Insight clients to be continuously innovative and relevant in the eyes of their customers.

“We are striving to become a “digital first” financial institution, so giving our members these types of options is paramount to that success. We have found that our members love these features because there is substantial value in making it easier for them to access the most essential information easily and seamlessly,” said Eric Givens, Senior Director of Digital Banking at Arizona Federal Credit Union.

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