Prairie Cloudware reports bank deal for mobile wallet

Source: Prairie Cloudware

Prairie Cloudware, an innovator in omnichannel digital payments services, today announced that its Digital Payments Guardian mobile wallet is live with a multi-billion dollar regional bank, facilitating tap and pay transactions with tokenized credit or debit card numbers contained in a secure, bank-branded mobile wallet environment.

Prairie Cloudware CTO Brent Adkisson performed the first tap and pay transaction using his mobile phone and tokenized Visa credit card to purchase a Twin Bing candy bar at a local convenience store.

“The largest financial institutions in the U.S. are taking control of the mobile relationships they have with customers by issuing their own mobile wallets,” explained Doug Parr, chief revenue officer of Prairie Cloudware. “While other organizations have recently announced their plans to build and launch bank branded mobile wallets, our Digital Payments Guardian is already live and successfully functioning. The future of payments is now, and consumers shouldn’t have to wait any longer to gain access to a convenient, secure and preferred mobile payments experience provided by their bank or credit union.”

Digital Payments Guardian acts as a digital vault for financial institutions, providing customers with an easy way to use and manage their credit and debit card accounts in digital channels. The solution utilizes industry standard tokens provided by the card networks, replacing sensitive consumer information with unique tokens, and NFC tap and pay utilizing Android HCE at the point of sale, enabling payments to be performed easily, conveniently and with minimal risk.

The solution enables financial institutions to meet customers’ need for choice, convenience and security when making mobile transactions. By engaging in their everyday transactions, Digital Payments Guardian expands a financial institution’s relationship and touch points with customers. It integrates directly with the bank’s payments processing services and acts as an extension of its digital channel. 

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