OpenWay releases chat bot

Source: OpenWay

OpenWay, a recognised leader in software for bankcard issuing and acquiring, payment switching, digital banking services and omni-channel payments, announces the development of WAY4 Messenger Banking.

This innovative white-label solution facilitates customer service via messenger applications. The chat bot autonomously communicates with users and provides them information about bank’s services. It can also manage customer’s cards and accounts, adjust security settings and make payments to friends and contacts. Now a digital bank, one of OpenWay customers in Asia, tests the solution.

Messenger users simply add the bot to their list of contacts to get access to financial and informational services of the company that owns the bot. Banks can use WAY4 Messenger Banking to create a chat bot for Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, Viber and Line messenger platforms, and link this with any core banking and card processing system on the back-end.

According to, 75% of internet users worldwide accessed messaging services on mobile devices in 2015. Forecasted mobile message traffic worldwide for 2017 is anticipated to be around 28.2 trillion messages. Messengers are becoming anextremely popular communication channel for those aged 16-44. As a result, messengers are being seen as a new and promising channel for business development, attracting new customers and staying close to existing ones.

Messengers are friendly environments where banks can interact with customers in a new way, in the customer's language using a familiar chat format. Banks are always available to their customers, wherever they are and regardless of device. Bots can quickly inform customers about transactions made with their card, changes in tariffs, service conditions, maintenance work and promotional offers. This is an automated alternative to the more expensive SMS channel and supplements call centre service. Additional features, such as p2p money transfer and interactive photo, video and audio content, can also be used to appeal to new customers.

For customers, messenger banking means having an always-on digital finance assistant. They can ask for the location of the nearest ATM, block cards and set card transaction limits. Moreover the chat bot in the WAY4 Messenger Banking solution allows customers to make send-to-friend money transfers using just their contacts. The user chooses the contact and specifies the transfer amount — no other information is required to send funds. The recipient gets a message that he has received a transfer and is asked to choose a convenient way to receive the money (for example, transfer to a card or to a mobile phone account).

Besides messenger banking solution OpenWay provides the complete omni-channel card processing platform for banks, payment processing companies, retailers, andfuel companies. WAY4 supports both classic channels, such as POS and ATMs, and innovative digital channels, such as internet, mobile, iwatch, tablet, messengers.

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