Siam City Bank deploys Cisco information network

Source: Cisco Systems

Siam City Bank PLC (SCIB) has completed the deployment of an advanced Intelligent Information Network using equipment from Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO).

The network will enable SCIB to offer advanced services such as Internet banking to its more than one million customer base as well as enhance the bank's business continuance process.

The entire network was built on the principles of Cisco's vision for an Intelligent Information Network, which is a network that is closely tied to, aware of, and responsive to the needs of applications, resources, and devices connected to it.

"The Intelligent Information Network offers end-to-end functionality and centralized, unified control for efficient application usage and information delivery. Critical to SCIB's network are intelligent network subsystems, with common integrated resources and functionality that seamlessly integrate with the entire infrastructure for optimized communications and management. With such a comprehensive infrastructure in place, intelligent networking can create the opportunity for greater business transparency, agility and the rapid deployment of new business services and applications," said Christian Hentschel, director of Advanced Technologies in Asia Pacific, Cisco Systems.

At the core of the network are the Cisco 7500 Series routers, the Cisco 3800 Series integrated services routers and the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series switches. Cisco 2800 Series integrated services routers were deployed in SCIB's 15 selected branches. The routers feature a comprehensive array of features that provide enhanced information security for the 15 SCIB branches. The security components include firewalls, intrusion protection systems, and virtual private network (VPN) technology, all centrally controlled by a Cisco security management application.

The 15 SCIB branches are models for Cisco's "Branch of the Future" solution, which is designed exclusively for retail banks to meet current financial industry challenges. The Cisco Self-Defending Network for Financial Institutions provides the secure foundation for the Branch of the Future, integrating security across the network, enabling proactive compliance and risk management and, most importantly, protecting customer trust.

Providing the foundation for SCIB's business continuance process is an optical Cisco Business Ready Data Center solution comprising the Cisco ONS 15500 Series. The Cisco business-ready optical network helps enable SCIB to protect its data centers and disaster recovery operations with full redundancy and intelligent protection schemes to guard against failures in the fiber plant.

"SCIB is a second-tier bank in Thailand and we have to be innovative to differentiate ourselves from our competition. One way that we are looking to do this is to take advantage of technology to provide our customers with a highly secure seamless banking experience. The requirements we had for the network were that it had to have high availability and be secure. Cisco was able to demonstrate its leadership position in these two areas," said Mr. Thanes Kuruchitkosol, senior vice president, IT Systems Division, SCIB.

"Cisco is honoured to be selected by SCIB as its technology partner. SCIB's network serves as a good model for what the Intelligent Information Network can look like in Thailand," said Mr. Asawin Kangvolkij, managing director, Thailand, Cisco Systems.

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