AlternativePayments opens global payment gateway

Source: AlternativePayments

E-tailers can now easily process cross-border transactions in a fast, secure and simple payment gateway with’s cutting-edge technology, and their vast portfolio of solutions tailored to local markets around the world.

The global e-commerce company has launched a new international payments solution. This solution is the ultimate e-commerce equalizer for web retailers looking to tap into the global marketplace by eliminating payment and currency worries.

"Our goal at the end of the day is to ensure that our merchants realize every possible opportunity to make the sale," said Wolf Kring President of Alternative Payments. "We offer retailers worldwide the opportunity to maximize their shops’ potential by opening it to the global marketplace. The launch of our new solution is a win-win opportunity for web merchants who want new sales, and for international consumers who need a trusted checkout journey."

E-commerce merchants currently relying on credit cards and PayPal are limiting their potential. These traditional payment types lack penetration in many countries, especially in the huge market of the EU. European consumers have opted to continue using the non-credit card payment options they have trusted for years.

Alternative Payments curates the top localized payment methods based on consumer preference and usage. This includes EuroDebit®/SEPA the only payment type available to all bank account holders in the EU. Merchants are on-boarded within minutes and in the drivers’ seat with a robust new admin tool. This provides extensive reporting via the dashboard and full control of the transaction lifecycle.

Regardless of the currency used or the preferred payment method, all transactions are handled through a single secure platform. The platform provides merchants with flexible integration options. A single line of code makes use of the OneButton and the Payment Widget or develops an entirely custom solution via the API. There are also third-party plugins available to work with many CMS, shopping carts, and frameworks.

Kring continued, "Credit cards are a must, however in a global marketplace they leave too many potential sales on the table. We understand that for a merchant who uses credit cards herself the potential for alternative payments may not be obvious. We have specialized in global payments for 15 years. Our goal this year is to make the adoption of alternative payments frictionless for e-commerce players. Our new system closes the gap between flipping the switch to turn on the massive potential of international buyers and realizing new sales at your business."

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