Precise Biometrics signs license agreement with Oberthur Technologies for fingerprint recognition

Source: Precise Biometrics

Precise Biometrics, the leader in fingerprint software, has entered an agreement with Oberthur Technologies (OT), a leading global provider of embedded security software, products, services and solutions, for licensing of Precise BioMatch Embedded.

The integration of Precise Biometrics’ leading fingerprint recognition solution in PEARL by OT®, the most advanced multi-application embedded secure element (eSE) on the market for mobile, M2M and IoT devices, brings an additional layer of security to biometric authentication and enables easy deployment of secure services using fingerprint technology, such as mobile payments.

The license agreement will generate royalty revenue based on sales of secure elements from OT that includes Precise BioMatch Embedded in the delivery. Royalty revenues are volume dependent and cannot be forecasted at this point. The agreement includes a limited initial fixed fee for the right to integrate and use Precise Biometrics’ software, which will be recognized starting from the first quarter 2016.

The partnership with Precise Biometrics enables OT to offer convenient and secure fingerprint identification for connection, authentication and payments in any type of device, such as smartphones and tablets, wearables, vehicles or other consumer and industrial devices. The integration of fingerprint matching algorithms in OT’s eSE allows to securely run the fingerprint verification inside the eSE, thereby preventing users biometrics to be exposed outside the eSE, in which they are already securely stored.
“The rapid growth of mobile payments is increasing the demand for secure mobile authentication. Our industry leading capabilities in providing high performance fingerprint solutions for platforms with limited processing power and memory enables new use cases where convenient and secure authentication is needed. The cooperation with OT is a big step in taking such solutions to market and securing users digital identity”, said Håkan Persson, CEO of Precise Biometrics.

“While the use of biometric data today appears as the most efficient way to authenticate users, it also raises new security challenges. It is therefore critical to combine the most advanced technologies to protect users’ biometrics. The partnership with Precise Biometrics allows us to further increase security in mobile, M2M and IoT devices by integrating the industry´s leading fingerprint recognition software in our PEARL by OT® offering.”, said Marc Bertin, CTO of OT.

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