AppDome and Temenos collaborate for mobile banking

Source: AppDome

AppDome announces the availability of AppFusion via the Temenos Marketplace, accessible to Temenos customers worldwide.

AppFusion protects mobile banking apps against a wide range of mobile attacks, enabling mobile developers to focus on building great apps without compromising security or compliance.

AppDome's breakthrough AppFusion service enables financial institutions to protect their mobile apps from advanced threats such as mobile fraud, malware and data leakage/theft. By using AppFusion, developers of mobile apps are liberated to focus on their primary goals of delivering beautiful apps which delight users, while at the same time implementing comprehensive and consistent security that protects highly sensitive data.

AppFusion does not impact the development process, and does not require mobile developers to be security experts. The cloud based AppFusion process is dynamic and completes within minutes, resulting in a newly fused app which contains all the security features chosen during the build process. The fused app can be published via the iOS App Store, Google Play or enterprise stores using existing app publishing tools and processes.

"Financial institutions cannot afford to make compromises when it comes to mobile security. Their brands and customer relationships depend on principles of trust in ensuring secure transactions. AppDome adds security in a non-intrusive, low impact manner, without changes to code or the user experience, states Tal Gilat, AppDome CEO.

Aaron Phethean, Temenos MarketPlace Product Director, added: "AppDome is an excellent fit for MarketPlace. Thanks to AppDome's unique technology, Temenos now can now provide our financial service customers a higher level of mobile security without trading off usability or functionality."

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