Green Hills to implement Pay By Touch biometric payment and loyalty system

Source: Pay By Touch

Pay By Touch and Green Hills today announced an upcoming implementation of the Pay By Touch biometrics payment system with an enhanced loyalty functionality.

The first of its kind payment-plus-loyalty program, called SmartShop powered by Pay By Touch, uses a simple finger scan not only to pay but also to access customized coupons, promotions and rewards from an in-store kiosk. Customers can also receive these benefits via email or from a personalized web page. Green Hills is located in Syracuse, New York.

The new SmartShop offering comes as a result of the companies' recent agreement to integrate the Pay By Touch consumer biometric payment service with Green Hills' stellar loyalty program - for which it is known throughout the industry.

"The ability to access rewards and discounts with the touch of a finger in addition to our already secure and convenient payment solution enhances our promise of convenience for our members," said John Rogers, founder, chairman, and CEO of Pay By Touch. "Green Hills' historic commitment to customer service makes them a perfect partner to launch this new, enhanced Pay By Touch product."

Unlike traditional loyalty programs that attempt to shift shoppers' brand choices with offers and discounts, Green Hills finger-activated Smartshop system offers its shoppers discounts on the things they actually buy.

"Our business strategy has always been based on the premise that customer service is the best way to retain customers and drive business," said Gary Hawkins, CEO of Green Hills. "With Smartshop powered by Pay By Touch, Green Hills' shoppers can expect to save on the things they actually buy, plus get through checkout with increased speed, ease, and security."

To use SmartShop, Green Hills shoppers simply scan their fingers at convenient kiosks throughout the store to receive customized shopping lists and individualized specials. At the point of sale, shoppers can pay for groceries with a quick finger scan that automatically links to their financial accounts and SmartShop points. The quick sign up process and access to individualized rewards can also be accessed from home at

Key Features and Benefits of the Pay By Touch/Green Hills Alliance:

  • Available at no cost: Smart Shop, powered by Pay By Touch, is always free to the shoppers, and there are no hidden fees.
  • Protects Financial Records: Only enrolled members are authorized to access financial accounts.
  • Not a fingerprint: Pay By Touch does not use fingerprints, but instead captures 40 unique data which cannot be reverse-engineered into a fingerprint.
  • Secure and private: All personal and financial account information is encrypted and stored at secure IBM data centers. Neither Green Hills nor Pay By Touch will ever sell personal information to third parties.
  • Enroll once, pay anywhere: Once signed up, shoppers can use their fingers to pay at any Pay By Touch merchant across the country.

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