IrisGuard rolls out 'EyePay' POS

Source: IrisGuard

Today; IrisGuard released worldwide it's amazing innovative EyePay(r) Point-of-Sale Terminal (POS), the world's first retail store payment system that utilizes Iris recognition as the single payment modality for all your purchases, without requiring a card, pin, phone or token.

The EyePay(r) POS terminal provides a versatile payment solutions for worldwide merchants of all sizes.

The EyePay(r) was designed specifically to operate with IrisGuard renowned end-to-end EyeBank(r) system. The EyePay(r) POS is the perfect companion to the ubiquitous retail store cash register. It interfaces directly with existing EFTPOS or cash registers or can operate in stand-alone mode. Additionally, the EyePay(r) POS includes managerial reporting, food basket inventory control and accounting capabilities.

The device permits customers to pay for goods by simply looking into the EyePay(r) POS terminal and payments are seamlessly executed in compliance with rigorous international banking standards. Your eye uniquely authenticates you and it cannot be stolen, lost or copied. The EyePay(r) terminal employs state-of-the-art hardware encryption algorithms and built-in chpsets to ensure resilient financial transaction in addition to offering a creative immersive and engaging in-store customer experiences to "Pay with your Eye" at checkout counters.

The EyePay(r) was also designed to serve Refugees and Unbanked persons to flawlessly eradicate food vouchers both paper and electronic formats which are currently blatantly traded on the ancillary market. By ensuring that the correct beneficiary is physically present at the point of sale in a supermarket, these wide-spread fraudulent usurpation activities become a thing of the past. The EyePay(r) not only eliminates possible duplicate enrollments in food assistance programs but guarantees that food subsidies are provided to legitimate beneficiaries and their families.

The EyePay(r) is based on an Arm processor and bundles an impressive range of standard connectivity i.e. WIFI, LAN 10/100 Base T, Bluetooth, USB, Serial and 3G; with 512 Mbytes RAM and 1Gbytes Flash Disk. The EyePay(r) offers tomorrow's creative FinTech applications the tools today. Packed in a very small casing, this extremely sophisticated device, completely implements IrisGuard's unmatched and world-renowned Iris image quality controls and countermeasures ensuring accuracy, speed and reliable field operations. The EyePay(r) user interaction has been enhanced tremendously with the addition of a new 3.5" resistive colored touch screen and a colored face camera.

The EyePay(r) POS also permits unbanked persons to receive remittances, cash benefits and salaries in the blink of an eye. The EyePay(r) POS rigorously meets the Know Your Customer (KYC) international regulatory banking requirements, ensuring that one's allowance is received only to the intended beneficiary and not a potential "Ghost" recipient. Once registered within the EyeBank(r) solution by a reliable Iris Provider such as United Nations humanitarian agencies, National Government assistance programs using the state-of-the-art EyeCloud(r) infrastructure, millions of recipients can withdraw their allocated cash benefits reliably and at significantly reduced rates.

"Money Transfers Agents can increase dramatically their business efficiencies by employing the EyePay(r) for cash payouts and remittances in compliance with stringent regulations while offering cost efficient rates, anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Our sights are wholeheartedly focused on the global retail market with a particular attention to the Middle-East, Africa and the USA markets" Commented Imad Malhas, IrisGuards Founder & CEO.

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