PostFinance fights fraud with Splunk Enterprise

Source: Splunk

Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ:SPLK), provider of the leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence, today announced that PostFinance is using Splunk Enterprise as the platform to help protect its customers, online banking portal and payments processing solutions.

 The Swiss bank utilizes the Splunk platform to help find, analyze and respond to known, unknown, and hidden threats found in its data, as well as detect potentially fraudulent debit card transactions. PostFinance also relies on Splunk Enterprise to improve the customer experience through greater visibility across its entire IT infrastructure. Watch the PostFinance video and read the case study to learn more about how the company is both protecting and innovating its services with Splunk solutions.

PostFinance is the third largest retail bank in Switzerland with just under three million customers. It provides a full range of financial products to both consumers and merchants with an established position as the number one payments provider in Switzerland.

“Protecting our customers’ debit cards and personal information is critical to the business,” said Patrick Hofmann, head of IT operations and IT infrastructure, PostFinance. “Splunk Enterprise supports the payments experience by providing useful data for the fraud management team to analyze. We have configured a number of automated alerts across a range of potentially fraudulent scenarios, from multiple debit card transactions that come close to a card limit, to significant changes in revenue for a particular merchant. Such automated searches using Splunk Enterprise feed into a dashboard that analyzes activity and alerts the team to potential issues, meaning we can better protect our customers.”

Splunk Enterprise also helps monitor the company’s online banking portal, used by 1.6 million customers. When PostFinance is alerted to a potential threat such as a phishing attack, the security team then replicates the attack and analyzes the data it generates in Splunk Enterprise. This enables the team to detect any patterns, review historical data and helps to inform decisions about what action to take next.

PostFinance’s use of the Splunk platform has expanded beyond security and fraud to enable greater insight into the full array of data generated by its services. Through real-time, end-to-end visibility into its complex business processes, the PostFinance product management team can now better innovate and offer new tools and products to meet customer needs. For example, the payments services team can now view transactions and revenue of merchants over a set period of time through a dashboard based on Splunk Enterprise.

“Staying ahead of external attacks, malicious insiders and costly fraud is a machine data and big data problem, especially as more organizations move online,” said Haiyan Song, senior vice president of security markets, Splunk. “With fraudsters becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect, the evidence lies in the massive amounts of data generated across the business. Being able to index and search relevant machine data means that organizations can more easily identify fraud in real time, preventing a negative impact on customers.”

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