Interthinx and Fiserv integrate technologies for mortgage fraud prevention

Source: Interthinx

Interthinx, a leading provider of comprehensive fraud prevention and decision support tools for the mortgage industry, has successfully integrated its DISSCO fraud detection and prevention system with easyLENDER Mortgage loan origination software (LOS) system.

easyLENDER is a product of Fiserv Lending Solutions, a unit of financial information management systems and services provider Fiserv, Inc. (Nasdaq: FISV). As a result of this integration, loans originated in easyLENDER Mortgage can be instantly and seamlessly submitted to DISSCO for automatic screening for potential mortgage fraud.

"Mortgage fraud continues to have a negative impact on the industry at large, especially when fraudulent loans make it through to funding. There needs to be an industry-wide collaboration to fight fraud on the front-end before it can do damage on the back-end. Fraud detection solutions, like DISSCO, are most effective at mitigating loss when deployed early in the lending process," said Kevin Coop, president of Interthinx. "Fiserv Lending Solutions is committed to helping clients detect and stop mortgage fraud at the source, and we are committed to ensuring our partners can make this happen. We provide lenders with quick and complete access to our industry-leading fraud detection system, enabling them to immediately get the information they need to fight fraud."

DISSCO (data integrity search and score system) is an industry-leading electronic fraud-prevention tool that is designed to reduce the risk associated with mortgage lending due to fraud. DISSCO can instantly search hundreds of mortgage-related data fields in a loan record to identify and score the kinds of misinformation, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies that could indicate fraud. DISSCO then produces a detailed report with step-by-step recommendations on how to respond.

Stopping mortgage fraud is important, because the problem is widespread - and growing. According to an October 11, 2005 report filed by the Associated Press, Ronda Heilig, a supervisory agent with the FBI's financial institution fraud unit, said the FBI was investigating 721 pending cases of real estate fraud on September 30 (the end of the federal government's fiscal year) - compared to 534 cases in fiscal 2004 and just 102 cases in 2001.

The easyLENDER integration with DISSCO enables lenders to:

  • Increase the amount of loans processed time with reduced manpower
  • Improve overall lending productivity
  • Increase "pull-through" rates
  • Reduce origination costs
  • Receive more efficient terms and pricing on loan sales
  • And - most importantly - stop mortgage-related fraud before it happens.

"The FBI continues to tell us that mortgage-related fraud is rampant nationwide," said Dan Welbaum, Fiserv Lending Solutions' senior vice president of Sales and Marketing, easyLENDER Products. "And Fiserv wants its clients to be able to defeat fraud as early as possible in the lending process. By seamlessly integrating our easyLENDER software with DISSCO, our clients can take their fraud-prevention capabilities to a whole new level of effectiveness."

easyLENDER Mortgage customers who use the new interface will find the experience convenient and quick, because they can directly export loan-application data to the DISSCO system without having to exit the easyLENDER software system or re-enter loan data. DISSCO employs a myriad of internal and external databases to make thousands of data comparisons, analyze loan data, and then identify misinformation, inaccuracies and inconsistencies that may indicate fraud. After completing its analysis, DISSCO returns an electronically formatted report containing a single data-integrity score, along with specific recommendations on how to remedy suspicious data.

easyLENDER Mortgage is a comprehensive, easy-to-use LOS that currently serves hundreds of lenders nationwide. With its built-in flexibility and its broad spectrum of interfaces to lending-related systems and services, easyLENDER Mortgage is a timesaving and productivity-boosting solution that mortgage, home-equity, consumer and commercial lenders are using to increase their competitiveness, increase their loan volume, and improve their profitability. easyLENDER software is specifically designed to meet the needs of smaller to mid-range lenders - including banks, thrifts, credit unions, and mortgage companies - who demand ease of use, scalability, and flexibility.

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