Ipreo conducts successful test-run of IssueLaunch platform in Asian markets

Source: Ipreo

Ipreo, a leading global financial services technology and data provider, announced another successful test of its IssueLaunch platform, which enables sell-side banks to publish deals to the buy side.

Nine of the Asia's leading investment banks and nine buy-side firms participated in the latest test in February.

The Asia test follows on the heels of the successful testing and roll out of IssueLaunch in Europe in the fourth quarter of last year. Since the roll out, more than 150 live deals have been announced over IssueLaunch. Fifteen banks have been participating in testing, and nearly 40 buy-side firms are regularly receiving live deals over the platform.

The IssueLaunch platform publishes new-issue terms and conditions in a secure manner to buy-side investors who can view this information in the Ipreo DealMonitor application or programmatically consume the data via the Ipreo DealServices API. It can be used as a standalone application, but is also a core component of Ipreo's Investor Access platform, which allows buy-side investors to electronically submit Indications of Interest (IOIs) on fixed-income deals directly to the syndicate book. Investor Access is being developed in partnership with eleven banks.

IssueLaunch and Investor Access build on the foundation of IssueNet, Ipreo's syndicate-to-syndicate communications network that enables banks to synchronize order books between members of the deal's syndicate and streamline the deal management process between banks. Currently 111 banks are members of IssueNet.

The integrated Investor Access platform will go live later this year and provides an end-to-end deal communication solution, allowing the buy-side clients of sponsoring banks to be alerted to new-issue announcements, receive deal structured information on their terms and conditions, view deal-related documents, submit and manage their IOIs, and receive electronic notification of allocation and pricing.

Benjamin Lamberg, Head of Asian Syndicates at Credit Agricole CIB, who participated in testing, commented, "The wider acceptance of IssueNet over the last few years with Asian underwriters did facilitate greatly the development of a cross-border market and build bridges between Europe and Asia."

Romain Beillard, also with Asia Syndicate at Credit Agricole CIB, added, "The release of IssueLaunch has provided a level of consistency and transparency that was needed in the execution of corporate deals, and Asian investors have shown a warm welcome to this initiative."

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