Control launches card reader app for Stripe

Source: Control

Control, a management and analytics platform for online payments, in partnership with payworks, launches the first EMV compliant app for Stripe, an online payment platform for businesses.

Stripe merchants can now take in-person payments using an EMV card reader in tandem with Control’s mobile app, on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

This partnership enables Stripe merchants in the US & UK to accept Chip and PIN and NFC payments (including Apple Pay and Android Pay) via card readers. It will give the ability to process secure payments to the rapidly growing number of Stripe merchants.

“We are excited to introduce the first EMV compliant mobile POS app for Stripe that will be distributed through the iOS and Android app stores. This enables micro to mid sized businesses to use leading payment technology without needing do any development work.” Kathryn Loewen - Founder & CEO Control

"Control's new app provides a great way for merchants using Stripe to start accepting payments in person from customers with chip enabled cards," said Cristina Cordova, head of business development at Stripe. "We're excited to work with companies like Control and payworks who are building useful services for businesses using the Stripe Connect platform."

“payworks is on a mission to make it easier for developers to accept in-person payments in their Point of Sale apps. We are excited to collaborate with Control, whose app makes it extremely simple for merchants to accept card payments and grow their business.” Johannes Lechner, Co-founder & Head of Product, payworks 

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