Curve adds new features to mobile app

Source: Curve

Looking for even more clarity over your spending? We've added a host of brand new features to your Curve app that we're excited to share.

Curve users can now label and search transactions in real time, upload receipts and make notes on transactions on the go. Our new CSV export feature will give you the freedom to explore your spending across all your cards - you're in control.

Manage your expenses on the go

A lot of us can suffer from wallets stuffed with bits of paper as we pick up receipts on the go. With Curve you can take a snapshot of your receipts in-app and match them to each purchase. You can also now make notes on each transaction - making it easier to record any additional details - lunch with a particular client or supplies for another.


Going travelling? Spend abroad with Curve and keep on top of every currency you spend in. When abroad, you'll now see foreign transactions in both currencies - the one you're spending in and your home currency. Just tap to expand each transaction to see the detail. And with Curve you'll save money when you spend abroad - cutting your existing cards fees to the MasterCard rate + a flat 1%.

Counting up total spend at the end of the month? Your monthly totals will also be displayed in all the different currencies you've used that month - travelling made easy with Curve.

Export your transactions to CSV

You can now export all your purchases to CSV with a couple of clicks in the Curve app. Filter by date range and by card used, and email them to use however you like - Combine this with other services such as Excel to keep track of your expenses with clarity and customisation.

Keeping on top of your expenses across all cards with Curve - quick, simple, and clear.

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