Money2020: Trunomi and InAuth join forces for digital authentication and mobile onboarding

Source: Trunomi

InAuth, a specialist in advanced device authentication, fraud protection, and intelligence, and Trunomi, a provider of customer-driven personal data sharing technology, today announce a European partnership that delivers enhanced fraud protection and security for mobile customer onboarding and lifecycle management in financial services.

The agreement enables financial services providers to achieve all-digital onboarding and ongoing customer data management with the highest mobile and workstation security. Together, Trunomi and InAuth enable financial institutions to fully comply with the EU’s landmark General Data Protection Regulation.

The agreement will integrate InAuth’s comprehensive solutions for mobile and browser device authentication and fraud prevention with Trunomi’s customer-driven data sharing platform. The partnership ensures that only authenticated and trusted devices can be used as a pivotal point of onboarding and in the secure exchange of personal data between financial services providers and their customers; prior to continuing with a safe and secure electronic banking experience through the trusted device.

Stuart Lacey, CEO and founder of Trunomi, says: “Trunomi’s partnership with InAuth combines the best authentication and personal data management technologies. We are making it possible for financial institutions to progress beyond the outdated, paper-based customer onboarding and data remediation that remains widespread today by delivering a mobile solution that benefits both the institution and the individual. Institutions that empower customers to take charge of their own data will not only be prepared for the new data privacy legislation but also meet growing customer demand for a more personalised, efficient digital account opening solution.”
Lisa Stanton, CEO of InAuth, says “The Trunomi InAuth partnership enables a secure, end-to-end banking experience beginning with compliant user onboarding and extending through mobile and browser online banking.”

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