Tradebird social platform for traders launches

Source: Tradebird

Tradebird, a new social platform for traders with crowdsourced news, investment insights and leading-edge charts, officially launched today in the U.S.

This free mobile and web app was created by the founders of Trading 212, the fastest growing trading app in Europe.

“We built Tradebird with the idea of bringing focus, simplicity and social interaction to the way traders get information and make decisions,” comments Ivan Ashminov, CEO and founder of Tradebird. “We realized that they don’t need more information – they need the right information in a live, clean feed. And for most traders, the best sources are usually locked up in expensive subscriptions. Tradebird avoids this problem by surfacing real, market-driving information and relying on community crowdsourcing.”

Tradebird users -- not algorithms or editors -- extract the important news on stocks, currencies and commodities that other traders need to read. “Tapping into our success with trading apps, we wanted to create a cool, engaging social app for traders, something rare in the field of finance,” continues Ashminov. “The result is an addictively easy-to-use app that keeps you up to date and encourages sharing.”

Tradebird is the go-to destination for traders because it features:

  • A live feed with more than 3,000 daily posts containing news, opinions and analyses that are easy to digest
  • #Hashtags and $cashtags that allow easy filtering of the feed based on topics and instruments
  • Distraction-free environment for sharing quality information, getting followers and building reputation
  • Advanced charting and analytics via native integration of ProQuant

Tradebird provides critical information at crucial moments, empowering traders to make better financial decisions. It brings together a devoted community where users can build their voice and share ideas with peers.  

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