US Bank introduces mobile check deposit app for small businesses

Source: US Bank

U.S. Bank has rolled out a new mobile app, Deposit Express, for employees at small businesses to securely deposit a check by simply snapping a picture of it with the camera on their phone or tablet.

Deposit Express Mobile is best for small businesses that deposit fewer than 200 checks a month or for those with employees out in the field accepting checks from their customers. They’ll be able to take a photo of a check within the app and U.S. Bank will electronically process it and deposit funds into their business account. U.S. Bank is established in photo banking, having introduced consumer mobile banking functions such as photo check deposit and photo bill pay in recent years.

“Using Deposit Express, customers can streamline their check deposit process, eliminating delays associated with trips to the branch or their office,” said Sam Robb, head of receivables solutions for treasury management at U.S. Bank. “Deposit Express is specifically tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. It offers robust reporting and research capabilities, as well as integration of mobile and web deposit channels.”

U.S. Bank offers mobile solutions to meet the needs of its consumer, small business and corporate customers. In addition to Deposit Express U.S. Bank offers On-Site Electronic Deposit, which enables customers with larger volumes and more sophisticated remittance needs to deposit checks using a mobile device or check scanner.

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