Violin Memory and Stream Financial launch FlashSync for interrogation of multiple data sources

Source: Violin Memory

Violin Memory, Inc., (NYSE: VMEM), a global pioneer of award-winning all-flash storage platform solutions for primary storage and active workloads, and Stream Financial today announced the launch of FlashSync.

The Data Portal Appliance will provide the most advanced industry solution to achieve ultra-high performance access to and interrogation of multiple data sources using a single schema.

FlashSync has been designed to address a range of use cases in Financial Markets including intra-day risk management; BCBS239 reporting; internal & external stress testing; VaR aggregation; contingent liability modelling; and crisis reporting.

The solution comprises Stream Financial’s Data Fusion federated query software running on high performance servers, accelerated with Violin Memory’s enterprise Flash Storage Platform solutions.

FlashSync is unique in what it offers to investment banks, with live data from existing databases being accessed, data lineage can be fully tracked and firms can leverage their existing investment in data platforms, rather than having to build new application or regulation-specific data warehouses based on replicated data.

By adopting this solution, banks gain extremely high performance access to relevant subsets of distributed data sources, allowing them to query operational systems directly without impacting the performance of those systems.

Stephen Taylor, CEO of Stream Financial commented “Where firms have previously spent weeks building new queries, we are able to build multi-source queries on demand, enabling ultra-fast aggregations to be performed on billions of rows of granular data from disparate golden data sources through a single portal.” He added, “Interrogating the data is exponentially faster - minutes instead of days - or seconds rather than hours.”

Tony King, Financial Services Sales Manager at Violin Memory, says, “Violin’s all flash array solutions have been deployed globally in some of the most demanding customer environments. This kind of packaged solution benefits massively from Violin’s high performance capability.” He added, “FlashSync is a great example of the type of solution that will enable financial services companies to effectively manage some of the most critical compliance and regulatory challenges. We are very excited to be an integral part of this ground-breaking offering”.

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