Access Bank deploys new NCR ATMs

Source: NCR

NCR Corporation (NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, today announced that Access Bank PLC, one of the leading and most respected banks in Africa, has enhanced its ATM portfolio with NCR’s latest SelfServ ATMs to improve speed of service, reduce downtime and enhance customer experience.

The latest addition to Access Bank’s ATM network is NCR’s innovative SelfServ 34 Cash Deposit ATM, which serves customers with a wide range of transactions like cash deposit and bill payment and can scale to checks deposit. NCR also delivered SelfServ 34 Dual Dispenser ATMs which can handle high transaction volumes that makes Access Bank available to customer at all times.

The robust NCR SelfServ ATMs with self-healing technology will be installed in existing Access Bank branches and in remote locations across Nigeria to reach out to the vast underserved customers who have very limited access to formal banking services. NCR will complete the installations in the second half of 2016.

“Access Bank aims to give its customers a clear reason to always bank with the best, by delivering banking services that is fast, customer friendly and ultra-reliable,” said Ojini Olaghare, Executive Director, Operations and IT, Access Bank PLC. “NCR has been a market leader and the addition of NCR suite of innovative ATMs and security solution reiterates our commitment to be the first to drive new innovations in the Nigerian Banking sector and provide world class customer experience.”

As part of this agreement, NCR will also deploy SelfServ 25 and SelfServ 26 ATMs to be located at various stations across Nigeria. The ATMs will be equipped with NCR industry-leading ATM Skimming Protection Solution (SPS) that uses jammers that generate multiple random signals and prevents any attempt by a criminal to isolate and record data from the magnetic stripe on the card.

“NCR continues to lead the ATM market in Africa with innovations that are critical to help financial institutions to enhance customer experience, reduce operating costs and defend the integrity of the banking channel from fraud attacks,” said Ahmed Abdel Aziz Hamada, country manager, NCR Nigeria. “Consumers and businesses want quick and easy access to banking services. Through our SelfServ ATMs, Access Bank customers will have fast, reliable access to their bank accounts and businesses will be able to make deposits even after their branch has closed.”

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