Payworks launches for Windows

Source: Payworks

Payworks, a POS payment platform, today announced payworks for Windows.

The product extension allows Windows-based POS vendors to offer their merchants a global selection of Acquirers and card readers with just a single integration.

payworks for Windows targets both vendors of Windows-based POS solutions, moving into the integrated POS space, as well providers of traditional POS systems with the need for quick integration, affordable card readers and a broad Acquirer selection.

payworks for Windows is launching with full support for the versatile Miura M010 covering mobile, counter-top and in-store usage. The company has positioned the retail-grade Miura M007 for high volume environments with more reader options to follow.

Integration into Windows-based POS systems is made simple by the payworks Pay Client for Microsoft.NET. POS vendors using other platforms can integrate easily through the programming language-independent payworks Pay Protocol.

“In the past years we have seen our technology mainly being used in iOS or Android based POS solutions”, says Johannes Lechner, Head of Product at payworks. “We are now seeing a huge demand by traditional POS vendors and big retailers for a more flexible POS payment infrastructure and we are really excited enable these solutions by opening up the payworks platform to Windows.”

The product is currently in beta with 10 selected integration partners in Europe and will be made available to outside developers in April 2016.

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