Infront Version 7.0 offers improved trend analysis

Source: Infront

Infront, a leading European provider of financial information and trading desktop terminals, has added a sophisticated trend analysis capability to its market data, analytics and news service through the release of Infront Version 7.0.

The new capability is aimed at helping asset managers, wealth managers and other finance professionals make sense of today’s increasingly complex markets by alerting them to important developments across a wide range of instruments and trading venues.

The new Infront Noise Reduction technology tracks market movements in real time and alerts the user to any unusual activity that could signal an opportunity.

“When a user is monitoring hundreds of instruments, each updating at sub-second rates, it’s easy to miss important developments and trends as they happen,” said Martin Holtet, Chief Product Officer at Infront. “Growing market complexity is presenting financial professional with major challenges.

“On a typical day, the London Stock Exchange for example can handle a million trades in equities (doubling from two years ago), with some days reaching 10 million orders, generating hundreds of news articles,” he added. “And yet, due to the ongoing fragmentation of liquidity, primary market activity accounts for perhaps only one-third of all activity in any given major stock, making it essential that users monitor all possible channels for unusual developments.”

The Noise Reduction algorithms scan in real time for statistical anomalies in price movements, trading volumes and news across all markets. Testing of the Noise Reduction technology has shown that it picks up changes before news and other channels report the news or rumours behind the movements.

“The Infront terminal not only gives you full flexibility in setting up exactly the screens you need for the task,” said Holtet, “but with the addition of Noise Reduction it will also give you valuable visual clues about where you should focus and what is important right now.”

The system highlights relevant developments, allowing the user to stay on top of market moves and trends. The user can stay informed when leaving the desk through Infront’s mobile apps, or through the innovative While You’re Away functionality that provides the highlights of what has happened when returning to the desktop.

The release of Version 7.0 further strengthens Infront’s recent entry into the UK marketplace. The company last year opened an office in the City and put in place a local sales and support organization to actively target UK prospects, including wealth and investment managers.

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