StatPro to resell Capco Reference Data Services

Source: StatPro

StatPro, a leading provider of portfolio analytics solutions to asset managers, has announced that it will become a reseller of Capco Reference Data Services' Global Index Monitor (GIM).

GIM is a single source of cleansed global index data designed specifically for financial services firms.

StatPro plans to provide Capco Reference Data Services' GIM as part of their performance and attribution portfolio analysis tool to aid clients with the implementation process. StatPro's Performance & Attribution (SPA) product is a portfolio analysis tool which provides managers and investors with key information on the investment decision-making process. It provides analysis for any type of portfolio, is fast and scalable so that transaction based attribution can be carried out over tens of thousands of portfolios.

Mark Bramley, CEO of StatPro Inc, commenting on the reason for selecting Capco Reference Data Services, explained: "Providing great analytics is only part of the solution needed by our clients. Getting top quality, detailed index data is usually a time consuming laborious process that is fraught with potential problems. During an implementation, we normally spend a significant amount of time helping our clients clean index data. We are very impressed by Capco Reference Data Services' index coverage and detail, as well as their commitment to being the best provider in the market."

GIM is important because it consolidates index composition data in a single standardized file, giving instant access to critical data that easily integrates into the client environment. GIM offers instant access to accurate, consistent data from a single source when you need to track or update an index – no matter where it is in the world. Furthermore, GIM keeps active watch for announcements affecting constituents, such as splits, mergers acquisitions, restructurings and other corporate events, that can alter index calculations.

Predrag Dizdarevic, President of Capco Reference Data Services and Executive Vice President of Capco, commented: "Having good data means little without being able to fully utilize and leverage the data. It is this combination of high quality data and superior tools that creates the most potent, integrated solution for CRDS' clients. We believe that StatPro is one of the leading providers of performance attribution with its nearly 200 clients worldwide. As StatPro are also launching their fixed income attribution solution to rave reviews from fund managers, Capco is especially looking forward to working closely with StatPro to provide a high quality, integrated solution to this growing and demanding client segment."

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