Komerční banka and Worldline to expand card payments in the Czech Republic

Source: Komerční banka

Komerční banka and Worldline will form a partnership for providing merchant acquiring and payment processing services to retailers under brand name KB SmartPay.

The aim of the cooperation is to create conditions for further enhancing the offer of products and services for retailers and card holders, implementation of modern technologies and spreading of cashless payments in all types of outlets and among entrepreneurs across the Czech Republic, as well as expanding acceptation of cards on the internet. The cooperation with Worldline will bring an improved offer which will simplify utilization of card payment services also for existing clients.

New partnership is building its value for customers on the grounds of Komerční banka´s long-time relationship with merchants and Worldline innovative solutions and wide range of products and services. With its over 40 years of experience, Worldline is the European leader in the payment and transactional services industry.
“The alliance with the European e-payment leader will help us to continue developing and innovating e-payments. Working with Worldline, we will offer the option to use POS terminals to additional merchants, thereby helping them to increase their turnover; in the light of businesses’ and merchants’ experience after POS terminal installation, such increases are quite common in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in the world,” said Albert Le Dirac´h, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Komerční banka. “The use of POS terminals also underpins customer loyalty and satisfaction, reduces risks related to cash operations, and cuts costs, We expect the partnership will become fully operational within the second half of 2016,” Mr. Le Dirac´h added.

To explain the tendencies currently giving a new impulse to electronic payments, Marc-Henri Desportes, General Manager Worldline declares, “We are pleased to announce this alliance with KB. It will allow us to offer our services to Czech merchants. Today, multi-channel acceptance is crucial for electronic payments; clients are connected at all times and want to be able to buy and sell across a wide range of payment channels. KB SmartPay will offer a complete package of tools to businesses. Moreover, they will benefit from added value services such as loyalty cards, gift cards, and advertising on the payment terminal, further strengthening their relationship with their customers.”

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