Red Box Recorders launches compliance assurance application

Source: Red Box Recorders

Leading voice and data recording specialist Red Box Recorders, has today released Quantify Insight, a new application designed to assure financial institutions that they are meeting compliance standards and enable them to ensure trading operations continue without interruption.

Quantify Insight proactively monitors the Red Box recording system, as well as associated telephony and IT infrastructure, displaying system health and performance on a live dashboard and providing warnings and alerts. By delivering clear and immediate intelligence to IT teams, Insight allows them to locate and resolve issues before they can impact business activity.

This powerful monitoring tool will be included as standard with Red Box’s core channel recording package, which also includes other useful applications for capturing and retrieving recordings, as well as live call monitoring.

Recording systems can be vulnerable to many factors including interruption by routine IT updates and storage capacity limits, which can lead to reputational damage and regulator-imposed fines. To combat these risks the application constantly verifies that relevant calls and data are being recorded, important system processes are operational and that data is being stored in line with retention policy.

Quantify Insight also delivers trend analysis, recommendations and detailed reports to help an organisation analyse performance, predict issues and take appropriate pre-emptive action to ensure business continuity. By bringing together a range of information and accurately displaying system status at a glance, Insight enables IT and compliance personnel to quickly locate and respond to issues, saving time and money.

John Cunningham, CTO at Red Box Recorders, said: “Maintaining your voice and data recording system is vital to ensure business continuity and financial compliance which mandates recording for reasons such as trade reconstruction.
“By clearly presenting data and providing instant notifications, Quantify Insight enables organisations to identify usage trends and avoid issues to save time and cost. It is essential given the increasing complexity around compliance.”  

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