MePin releases universal strong authentication platform

Source: MePin

MePin, a leading provider of mobile authentication and payment authorization, has released a universal strong authentication solution for financial institutions, mobile network operators and other online service providers.

The MePIN universal authentication platform supports the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) MePIN mobile app authenticator with biometrics, FIDO U2F and UAF standard authenticators, MePIN Mobile TOTP, legacy SMS OTP and pre-generated paper OTP authentication. The MePIN solution is delivered as a white label on-premise installation or as a hosted service.

The platform’s flagship MePIN mobile authentication utilizes smartphones and tablets as authentication devices. The smartphone authentication supports dynamic authentication policies, from one-touch authentication and PIN codes, to biometrics using fingerprints and face recognition. With the legacy non-smartphone user support and the industry standard FIDO support, MePIN is a cost efficient and future proof complete solution, providing easy deployment for the service providers and daily convenience for the end users.

“People use smartphones now more than ever. That's why using smartphones for user authentication and identification purposes just makes sense“, states Mr. Markku Mehtälä, Founder and CEO of MePIN / Meontrust Inc. “However, the online service providers require a solution which caters to all the users and all the use cases. We are providing a future proof solution which works also for the legacy non-smartphone users.”

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