Linedata launches Linedata Mobil'Ekip

Source: Linedata

Linedata, (NYSE Euronext: LIN) the global solutions provider dedicated to the investment management and credit industries, announces the launch of its digital Linedata Mobil'Ekip solution.

With this application, key tasks and information can be managed and accessed from mobile platforms, such as smart phones and tablets. It operates in conjunction with the core Linedata Ekip360 system.

In response to rapidly evolving customer needs, lending professionals must become more connected and proactive with their clients and also increase productivity. Digital applications, in particular via mobile platforms, provide practical answers to these challenges.

Linedata Mobil'Ekip covers the entire value chain from sales to operations and end-users. Rather than simply reproducing existing core features, Linedata Mobil'Ekip adds additional value with a completely new mobile experience accessed via smartphones and tablets (IOS, Android). Users can directly scan and input business cards and exchange documents with decision-making platforms in real-time. Linedata Mobil'Ekip is an integral part of the contract acquisition chain: a sales person can create a pricing proposal and immediately submit it to an assistant or a call center for processing.

Linedata Mobil'Ekip offers additional modules, such as debt collection that allow transmission and real-time updates of customer information. Once the application knows which client the user is working with, relevant information will be made available in real-time.

"The recent major technical advances implemented in Linedata Ekip360 allow us to support our clients in their digital transformation. Clients who are already testing our Linedata Mobil'Ekip application are considering new approaches to developing their businesses. Initial feedback is very positive and we are accelerating our investments in this area. As user paradigms and technologies change, it is Linedata's role to be at our clients' side to provide the right solutions", says Alain Mattei, Global Head of Linedata Lending and Leasing.

"Linedata Mobil'Ekip is much more than a simple interface with Linedata Ekip360. It creates new ways of working that will soon be integrated into day-to-day operations. Mobile applications will transform the way credit providers operate and how they manage their customer relationships. Linedata is ahead of these changes and allows our customers to become leaders in their markets", adds Bertrand Cocagne, Product Manager Lending and Leasing Europe.

By supporting the development of financial institutions around the world, Linedata has become a key global provider to the leasing and credit finance industries. With over 450 professionals specialised in these fields, Linedata meets the needs of more than 130 institutions in 35 countries.

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