FireEye announces acquisition of Invotas International Corporation

Source: FireEye

FireEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: FEYE), the leader in stopping today's advanced cyber attacks, today announced the acquisition of privately held Invotas International Corporation, a provider of security automation and orchestration technology.

The transaction closed on February 1, 2016.

The acquisition enables FireEye to deliver one of the world's premier security orchestration capabilities as part of the FireEye global threat management platform. FireEye will leverage the technologies of Invotas® Security Orchestrator to unify cyber attack detection results, threat intelligence and incident response elements of an organization's security program into a single console, giving enterprises the ability to respond more quickly to attacks through automation.

With this acquisition, FireEye takes the lead in helping customers deal with the severe shortage of resources by automating the security process and building intelligence into their operations. FireEye offers threat intelligence that helps organizations focus on their most critical threats, and the Invotas Security Orchestrator will leverage this intelligence and FireEye high-fidelity detection to help security teams move from alert to remediation in minutes. FireEye will then automate responses based on playbooks developed by FireEye's Mandiant consultants, leveraging more than a decade of incident response experience codified to assist customers.

The Invotas acquisition furthers FireEye efforts aimed at providing real-time visibility that allows security teams to rapidly identify security risks and advanced threats, automate mitigation actions to prevent the spread of malware, and expedite the resolution of security and compliance issues. As part of its efforts to accelerate alert to fix, FireEye partners with ForeScout, a leading provider of technologies that enables organizations to see devices the instant they connect to the network, control them and orchestrate information sharing and operation among disparate security tools. FireEye will leverage Invotas' security orchestration and automation technology to expand its partnership with ForeScout, with plans to roll out new joint capabilities that continue to help customers drive down time to protection.

"The addition of Invotas' technology enables us to enhance our global threat management platform and advance ongoing efforts to provide our customers with a centralized method to manage alerts and intelligence and then automate actions based on FireEye-built playbooks or their own custom strategies," said David DeWalt, FireEye CEO and chairman of the board. "The ability to provide one efficient console for an organization's security program solidifies FireEye's role as a trusted advisor."

"The security orchestration benefits for customers are tremendous, including reduced overhead, with less staff chasing alerts, and more efficient security operations, resulting from the automation of incident response processes that are currently manual and often error prone," said DeWalt. "FireEye has always led the market in high-fidelity alerting and intelligence, and now our customers can use this data and insights from other sources to build automated workflows that quickly remediate these threats across the security ecosystem with minimal human intervention. FireEye addresses a critical customer need around analyst resources and time with the addition of a capability that will redefine the security orchestration and automation category."

"FireEye is a perfect fit for Invotas, offering us the opportunity to fuse our security automation and orchestration capabilities with the company that delivers today's most comprehensive threat management platform," said Paul Nguyen, Invotas' chief executive officer before the acquisition. "The strength of Invotas' technology centers around its ability to easily integrate into the security ecosystem of an organization and automate key elements of incident response. FireEye offers the most comprehensive combination of security technology, intelligence and frontline expertise employed by enterprises and government organizations today. FireEye leads in delivering high fidelity alerts and contextual threat intelligence, and this move to enrich workflows with these insights and codify FireEye frontline expertise into automated playbooks is going to be a game changer for security operation teams."

"We applaud FireEye in recognizing the importance of improving the information sharing among disparate security technologies," said Michael DeCesare, ForeScout CEO and president. "With Invotas, FireEye can now leverage ForeScout's 70+ integration modules to interoperate with a broader security ecosystem in order to reduce the alert to fix window."

Invotas' technology enables the consolidation of disparate data sources that many organizations must manually access as part of a process that requires human interaction to progress across an often inconsistent workflow. With the addition of Invotas, FireEye offers customers the ability to integrate security technologies and intelligence from FireEye and other sources across their infrastructure and create customizable, incident response playbooks.

This is the second acquisition in recent weeks that expands the FireEye global threat management platform. On January 20, FireEye announced the acquisition of iSIGHT Partners, a move that created the world's most advanced and comprehensive private cyber threat intelligence operation.

Invotas' technology will be integrated into the FireEye platform, enabling customers to purchase FireEye products and threat intelligence offerings with an orchestration and automation overlay. Invotas, which has 19 employees and is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, will be integrated into the FireEye Global Engineering and Security Products organization.

"Like our iSIGHT acquisition, the addition of Invotas positions FireEye to capitalize on a significant market opportunity," said Michael Berry, FireEye chief financial officer. "The Invotas orchestration console will drive product pull-through by unifying FireEye detection and forensics technologies and threat intelligence offerings."

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