Moneyline teams with Kalahari for zero coupon yield curve data service


Moneyline Telerate, a leading provider of real-time financial information and transaction services, and Kalahari, a global provider of real-time analytic solutions and strategic consulting services, today announced the release of a global real-time Zero Coupon Yield Curve data service.

The new service further enhances Moneyline Telerate's G20 multi-contributor composite series. The G20 series, launched in 2003, represents an aggregation of the most liquid sources of pricing worldwide to enable trading decisions for all asset classes, with a particular focus on fixed income and derivatives. The Zero Coupon Yield service is unique given its breadth and analytics based on Kalahari's extensive experience in financial engineering.

The new service enables global players to value the future cash flows of assets currently on their books or have a benchmark against which to assess market values today. The curves are to be created by bootstrapping a set of representative quoted benchmark rates and instrument prices aggregated by Moneyline Telerate. The underlying benchmark interest rates being used are money market instruments, interest rate futures, and quoted par swaps.

"The addition of Kalahari's real-time zero coupon yield curve data to our benchmark financial information is another example of Moneyline Telerate's commitment towards expanding its content to best serve the financial markets. A number of our largest sell side clients have been asking for this data. The global market has become more sophisticated and participants are seeking accurate and valuable insight into market activity throughout the trading day. High quality zero coupon yield data, provided in real-time, is an important asset to our clients as it is calculated directly from the world's leading broking and financial houses," commented Kevin Taylor, Vice President, Global Content, Moneyline Telerate.

Peter Trenier, Managing Director, Kalahari said: "For the first time, Kalahari's accumulation of valuable zero coupon yield curve data will be available to customers around the world in real-time, via Moneyline Telerate. The depth of this new service is founded on an extensive use of benchmark analytics, which use the curve methodology. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with Moneyline Telerate, and together we will look at developing more cutting edge products for the financial markets over the coming months."

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