Aequitas NEO Exchange receives first listing application

Source: Aequitas

Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc. (“NEO”) is pleased to announce it has received its first listing application.

PowerShares Canada1 has filed a preliminary prospectus with Canadian securities regulators for PowerShares DWA Global Momentum Index ETF, and applied to have the ETF listed on NEO. This listing will be the first in a series of new listings expected on NEO in the coming months, demonstrating the importance of competition to drive innovation and efficiency in the Canadian capital markets.

“With a shared vision of bringing competitive and innovative solutions to the Canadian capital markets, Invesco Canada is the perfect partner to kick off the listing business on NEO,” stated Jos Schmitt, President and Chief Executive Officer of NEO. “We have designed our listings offering to ensure we optimize the investor experience. We look forward to meeting the needs of companies and investment products who choose to list on NEO.”

Companies and investment products that list on NEO will have access to a number of innovative benefits specifically designed for NEO-listed securities. These benefits include a unique liquidity program that provides reliable liquidity; free real-time market data to provide enhanced visibility and global transparency; and a streamlined process to minimize the cost and burden for issuers, both during the initial listing phase and on an ongoing basis. In addition, NEO provides its listings services at a competitive price, reflective of its cost of doing business.

“We have completed our due diligence on NEO’s operations, including its trading and market data business, and we are impressed with what we found,” added Peter Intraligi, President, Invesco Canada. “Through innovative and competitive investment products, we strive to give investors new opportunities to achieve their long-term financial goals. Invesco is a strong advocate of free market competition, as we believe it spurs innovation, which ultimately benefits investors.”

By joining with Invesco for its first listing, NEO highlights the importance of investment products in the Canadian capital markets as Canadians seek new and innovative opportunities to preserve and grow their wealth. NEO also welcomes public companies and issuers of investment products who wish to migrate their existing listed securities to NEO, and gain access to its unique benefits.

Invesco Canada has filed its preliminary prospectus containing important information relating to PowerShares DWA Global Momentum Index ETF with the securities regulatory authorities in each of the provinces and territories of Canada. The preliminary prospectus is still subject to completion or amendment.

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