VIA and Speakerbus launch trader voice system

Source: Speakerbus

VIA and Speakerbus have today launched a cloud-based solution for the financial community that delivers unrivalled levels of security and resilience when trading, as well as significant cost savings.

VIA Trade is an innovative communications and trader voice system that completely removes the need to operate an on-site telephony solution, drastically reducing on-site equipment and thus cutting the amount of costly storage space within offices.

The solution combines VIA’s cloud-based infrastructure with the Speakerbus iTurret, the industry-leading dealerboard. Upon installation, a direct and exclusive network connection is established between VIA’s data centres and the client’s office. This dedicated link, when connected to the iTurret devices, allows organisations to trade and record calls whilst guaranteeing unrivalled levels of security and resiliency.

By taking the intricate elements of a traditional trading system and hosting them in the cloud, VIA Trade reduces on-site communications equipment by 90%. This not only reduces a company’s dependence on a complex on-site solution, but also frees up time and space, which is crucial across the world’s financial districts where office space is at a premium. Due to the simplicity of the solution, it is easy to install, fast to deploy and cost effective. The setup costs for installing VIA Trade is approximately 80 per cent lower than for a traditional trading platform, whilst organisations have the option to pay for the system on a month-by-month basis.

VIA Trade also incorporates voice and data recording functionality from Red Box Recorders, helping organisations to remain FCA compliant, whilst also providing the capability to quickly search, retrieve and listen back to historic calls for dispute resolution and employee training. In addition, VIA has recently achieved its ISO 27001 accreditation.

Alex Tebbs, Director, VIA, said: “Combining the expertise of both VIA and Speakerbus, VIA Trade ensures users can benefit from a highly resilient and secure solution in the marketplace, whilst also achieving significant cost savings through low setup costs and a substantial reduction in on-site equipment. This innovative new product illustrates our ongoing commitment to the financial services sector.”

Roy Williamson, Sales & Marketing Director, Speakerbus, said: “Speakerbus is committed to offering voice trading participants the widest degree of choice and flexibility in the delivery of mission critical communications solutions. We are delighted to add VIA to our technology partner portfolio, to help financial institutions, especially asset management and brokerage firms to drive business growth whilst controlling costs and adhering to compliance.”

VIA Trade also seamlessly integrates with VIA Voice, the company’s fully-hosted unified communications solution, which has already been deployed by more than 250 businesses globally in order to increase workforce connectivity and productivity. VIA Voice allows employees to talk, instant message, email and video chat across a variety of devices, such as landlines, smartphones, PCs, and tablets, regardless of location. The seamless integration between the two products also benefits financial organisations in terms of business continuity and a disaster recovery plan. For example, if a company was unable to access their premises, employees would be able to remotely trade via the unified communications platform, including instant message and via mobile, whilst remaining fully compliant.

Alex Tebbs added: “We have ensured that VIA Trade works hand-in-hand with VIA Voice, so both traders and non-traders within a company can benefit from joined-up communications. Whilst VIA Trade is a perfect communications solution on the trading floor, VIA Voice complements it perfectly across the back office of any financial organisation.”  

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