Prince Michael of Kent accepts Global Ambassador role for new UK financial service for migrants

Source: RemitRadar

HRH Prince Michael of Kent has agreed to become Global Ambassador for, a new service focused on the needs of migrants that provides a real-time online platform to connect money transfer systems and consumers.

“For centuries, people have left home and crossed countries, continents and oceans in search of better opportunities for themselves and their families. Today, more than 240 million people live outside their countries of birth. This expanding global community, much at the forefront of news today, will send home USD 450 Billion each year to support families and will often pay a high price to do so, or be forced to use unregulated informal channels, putting their hard earned cash at risk.

I will be delighted if my role helps these people retain more value and enjoy more security when sending money home”, said Prince Michael on this occasion.

Prince Michael of Kent's international expertise and insight will enable us to do a better service in pursuit of financial inclusion - a priority goal for those international organisations which work to alleviate poverty, as well as improve the lives of developing nations and communities”, said Emil Griston, the founder of RemitRadar, as he thanked Prince Michael for accepting the Global Ambassador Role.

London-based RemitRadar provides the technology that ensures maximum transparency and easy comparison among remittance options. Part of the service is a free, real-time online remittance auction for consumers, allowing service providers to bid against unfair remittance prices and secure the customer’s business.

“Constant price monitoring through the lens of the auction model allows customers to enjoy savings of up to 35% when sending money abroad compared to conventional money transfer methods”, explained Denis Kochubey, the CEO co-founder of RemitRadar.

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