World’s smallest trader voice platform launched by Speakerbus

Source: Speakerbus

Speakerbus, a specialist provider of critical voice collaboration solutions for global financial markets, today announced the launch of the Micro OneBox, the world’s smallest trader voice communications platform.

The Micro OneBox is an ‘out-of-the-box’ pre-configured hardware and software appliance. This innovative solution will help financial institutions to substantially reduce IT operational costs, by dramatically reducing the deployment time for trader voice capabilities, from several weeks to just a few hours. There are over 200,000 turrets in the global financial markets and this number is growing; this new, compact offering (about the size of a paperback book) is ideal for firms seeking to update and deploy critical voice communications, but who wish to have a minimal impact on their existing infrastructure. The platform can also be used by remote offices.

Patrick McCullough, CEO of Speakerbus, said, “We are a very customer-driven business and users have been asking for ‘faster, better, smaller’. The Micro OneBox was built in response to these requests. Until now new application configuration projects have been labour-intensive, time-consuming and expensive. Micro OneBox is a major change from traditional technologies: we developed the platform to provide financial institutions with a fast, simple and effective way to address these issues by making the roll-out of essential trader voice functionality quick, easy and much more cost-effective.”

Speakerbus’ Micro OneBox enables firms to start making money within a fraction of the time it generally takes to complete a traditional installation and go-live. Speakerbus supports every layer of the solution, from hardware to software, providing a streamlined and efficient support service. By outsourcing server hardware, licensing and software configuration responsibilities to Speakerbus, IT staff can focus on value-added activities and the business can expand to new markets more easily and quickly.

Financial institutions of all sizes can take advantage of this efficient method of trader voice service delivery across existing and new sites. The solution helps to decrease IT operational costs with a simplified installation process, which requires no specialist skills for implementation or maintenance. The solution is designed to fit into complex surrounding systems with ease, facilitating quicker time-to-market.

The Micro OneBox is the latest offering in the Speakerbus family of OneBox Appliance solutions, the first of which was launched in 2012. The portfolio has several ‘right-size’ appliances, each designed to fit different organisations’ specific needs; they are used by global investment banks, asset management firms, brokerages and commodity trading firms across Europe, Middle East, North America and Asia.

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