Metamako launches FPGA development platform and partner programme

Source: Metamako

Metamako, the leading specialist in deterministic ultra-low latency devices for the world’s trading community has announced the launch of a Partner Programme, which will allow third parties to develop applications for Metamako’s platform.

In addition to Metamako’s own applications, MetaMux and MetaWatch, partners will be able to build a broad range of additional applications. Algo-Logic, an FPGA and gateware developer for global financial institutions, is the first company to join the programme; a number of other vendors are working with Metamako on partnerships.

Dr. Dave Snowdon, founder and co-CTO of Metamako, said: “Increasingly, our goal is to enable our clients to use our devices as platforms for applications running ‘in the network’. The Partner Programme is a logical way to further this through third parties, and to deliver a growing library of innovative applications.” He added: “Our Programme opens our platform so that application providers such as Algo-Logic can deploy their FGPA applications. Until now there have been huge barriers to users adopting FPGA technology due to cost and complexity. Now, our platform makes it easy for application providers to focus on their core competences. What this means for customers is that they can acquire and benefit from new solutions much more quickly and easily.”

Dr. John Lockwood, CEO at Algo-Logic said: “Metamako and Algo-Logic have a number of clients in common. Algo-Logic is in the business of developing Applications in Logic. The company has several existing IP cores that accelerate networking 10GE and 40GE networking applications. The company also provides pre-built solutions for trading and datacenter networking. Algo-Logic’s Tick-to-Trade (T2T) system implements a complete, ultra-low latency trading solution in FPGA logic. Likewise, Algo-Logic’s Key Value Store (KVS) enables tens of thousands of computers to share data by name. Metamako’s Partner Programme will make the deployment of our applications very straightforward. It’s an excellent initiative and will offer huge benefits to both developers and market participants - now anyone with a MetaMux or MetaApp device can easily evaluate and use an Algo-Logic app.”

Ciaran Kennedy, head of business development at Metamako, said: “The Partner Programme offers enormous benefits. For example, a trader who wants to normalise market data would be able to do so very easily, without having to source and deal with multiple components, which may not be 100% compatible. Equally, our partners will be able to develop software, knowing that they are backed by a robust support infrastructure and a fully tested, reliable development environment.”

A vast array of apps can be developed: from data capture to intrusion detection, firewalls, feed handlers and pre-trade risk checking.

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