SunGard interfaces AddVantage with FT Interactive security master data

Source: SunGard

SunGard and FT Interactive Data Corporation, the major operating subsidiary of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC), today announced that SunGard's AddVantage, an asset management, trust accounting and securities processing solution, now offers an interface to FT Interactive Data's XML Market Information Query Response System.

The interface is designed to help mutual customers facilitate the set up of equity and fixed income security master information provided by FTID from within the AddVantage system.

SunGard's AddVantage interface, in conjunction with FT Interactive Data's XML Market Information Query Response System, helps automate the set-up process of asset or security information. Customers can access FT Interactive Data's security master data directly from AddVantage via an Internet connection to FT Interactive Data's XML Market Information Query Response System. Accessing security master data in this fashion is seamless for AddVantage customers, and requires no additional steps for them to receive the data. Available on an installed or hosted basis, AddVantage is a fully integrated asset management, trust accounting and securities processing solution used by banks and investment management firms.

SunGard is one of the first IT software and services companies to take advantage of FT Interactive Data's new, more flexible, delivery method for North American security master information. The data is formatted through a Web services application on a request-response basis returning data in Market Data Definition Language (MDDL), an industry standard XML protocol.

"We are pleased to work with SunGard to create a new service delivery mechanism utilizing Web-based technology and industry standard protocols to help our mutual customers improve their workflow," said Ray D'Arcy, president of Sales, Marketing and Institutional Business Development for Interactive Data. "Our security master data reflects more than 30 years of experience in market data collection and validation and this new capability helps make it easier for customers to access this rich data resource."

"The ongoing success of AddVantage is the result of continuous enhancements designed to help customers gain efficiencies and reduce errors," said Niraj Gilja, president of SunGard's AddVantage business unit. "The interface with FT Interactive Data will help AddVantage customers to streamline their processing by retrieving security master information from within the AddVantage system."

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