Taiwan Stock Exchange launches online rules and regulation directory

Source: Taiwan Stock Exchange

The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) has launched an online ‘Rules & Regulations Directory’, providing international investors and the media with a centralized location for all 238 Taiwan capital market regulations in both English and Chinese.

Regulations available via the Directory include rules for: primary and secondary listings, corporate governance, clearing and settlement, margin trading, ETFs, market monitoring and regulation, among others. The Directory features an easy-to-navigate graphical interface, allowing investors to locate regulations by category or by tree structure, as well as a comprehensive search function that automatically suggests laws and regulations based on key words. The English translation of the regulations was provided by multinational law firms.

The ‘Rules & Regulations Directory’ aims to help international investors better understand Taiwan’s regulatory environment, improve transparency and support the further internationalization of the Taiwan capital market. Since launching, the Directory has been viewed more than 3.15 million times.

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