Liquid Capital deploys IPC for collaboration on trading and risk management

Source: IPC

IPC Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of specialized communications and managed network-as-a-service solutions for the financial trading community, today announced that Liquid Capital Group has deployed IPC’s Managed MPLS VPN solution to enable collaboration on trading and risk management strategies among the firm’s personnel and sites located in Hong Kong, Sydney, London, Chicago, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo and Chengdu.

Liquid Capital Group is a market maker in Exchange-listed options focusing on the most actively traded Asia-Pacific, European and US derivative markets. The firm also engages in quantitative trading across global futures markets.

“Collaboration among our firm’s geographically dispersed offices, collocations, traders, quantitative analysts, developers and risk managers is vital for formulating insights and executing trading strategies in the fluid and competitive markets we operate in,” said Colm Bowler, Head of IT , APAC, Liquid Capital Group. “We are excited to implement IPC’s sophisticated managed network technology that enables collaboration and complements our firm’s market making and trading strategy.”

“The ability to generate alpha and stay ahead of the competition is dependent on constant assessment and anticipation in market changes, and to continually adapt to evolutionary and dynamic trading strategies, “said David Dodd, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, APAC, IPC. “We are thrilled that Liquid Capital Group has selected IPC’s Managed VPN service, a solution that has redefined the boundaries of collaboration technology in the global capital markets.”

In addition to the Managed VPN solution, IPC’s Financial Markets Network service portfolio also includes the Connexus Financial Extranet and Direct Connect data services, as well as Trader and Enhanced Voice connectivity services. IPC’s Financial Markets Network interconnects global financial centers and allows access to approximately 5,000 market participant locations in over 700 cities in nearly 60 countries.

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