Quantum5 delivers Nasdaq TotalView data

Source: Quantum5

Quantum5, a division of S3 Matching Technologies, will enhance its product offerings by adding TotalView - The NASDAQ Stock Market's premier data product - to analyze best execution and produce Quantum5's revolutionary Trade Performance Index (TPI).

Quantum5's utilization of NASDAQ's premier market data product further highlights the company's "best in class" services.

"NASDAQ TotalView data will help Quantum5's Market Surveillance Engine to deliver the most comprehensive and accurate measurement of execution performance available in the markets today," said William O'Brien, Senior Vice President of Market Data Distribution for NASDAQ. "Combined with the analytical powers of Quantum5's Market Surveillance Engine, use of TotalView data will give traders an unprecedented level of business intelligence to improve order flow and other trading activities."

The addition of the TotalView feed to Quantum5's already extensive data feed infrastructure will significantly enhance the Trade Performance Index. The TPI is a score for a single trade when it is compared against transactions for the same ticker symbol across trading venues. The Quantum5 Market Surveillance Engine examines every dynamic in the market at the time of execution to come up with the Trade Performance Index. And Quantum5's trade execution reports provide unequalled order flow analysis in three clicks or less.

Powered by Quantum5's Market Surveillance Engine, the TPI is the first analytical tool to assess total market depth and provide snapshots of those prices in near real time. A trader can easily compare the price paid against the best prices that were available in the market at the time of execution.

"Our TPI and best execution tools are precisely what traders have been looking for to determine how well they are doing compared to the rest of the market. And then start doing even better," said Rod Taylor, Vice President of Financial Services for Quantum5. "And NASDAQ's TotalView only enhances the quality and accuracy of our order flow analyses. The best technology and the best data can only get you the best results. And we make it simple by delivering all our results over the Web."

Quantum5 has begun using its best execution technology and Trade Performance Index tools at a number of the nation's largest and most recognizable brokerages and market centers, as well as smaller firms seeking a greater competitive edge. Resulting analyses provide data far exceeding NBBO statistics and the SEC's 11Ac 1-5 and 11Ac 1-6 compliance reporting requirements.

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