October breaks all monthly records for ATM withdrawals on the Link network

Source: Link

LINK, the UK’s ATM network, today (11 November 2015) announced that a record number of LINK monthly cash machine withdrawals were made in October 2015.

There were over 183 million LINK ATM withdrawals made during the month, worth £11.2 billion - figures undoubtedly swelled by rugby fans packing out stadiums and pubs for the Rugby World Cup. The number of ATM withdrawals made in October, which works out at on average over 4,000 every minute, is greater than in any other month since the cash machine first appeared on UK high streets in June 1967.

The new record, highlighting the enduring popularity of cash, follows an announcement in July that the number of ATMs in the UK passed 70,000 for the first time.

John Howells, Chief Executive of LINK, commented:

“The record number of cash machine withdrawals in one month, coupled with the growing number of cash machines, reflects the essential role cash continues to play in the UK.

“Despite increases in payments made by non-cash methods, such as contactless cards and mobile phones, cash remains an important part of our everyday lives. As such, LINK is committed to making sure everybody has safe, reliable and easy access to their cash.”

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