McObject releases new version of eXtremeDB Financial Edition DBMS

Source: McObject

McObject, provider of database management system (DBMS) software for trading and other capital markets applications, announced it has released version 7.0 of its eXtremeDB Financial Edition DBMS.

Among other new features, the upgrade adds an out-of-the-box capability for eXtremeDB Financial Edition to operate as a client/server database system, and expands the product’s support for the widely-used SQL database programming language. New quick-start options add to eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s ease-of-use; other improvements make McObject’s DBMS faster and more scalable, and increase its already impressive cost-effectiveness as a solution for managing market data.

Unlike technology that must await user feedback, McObject’s eXtremeDB Financial Edition 7.0 has already been tested: it was the subject of an audited STAC-M3 Benchmark report published by the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC). Records set by eXtremeDB Financial Edition 7.0 include fastest overall time to complete the benchmark’s 17 tests, and best-ever results for speed and consistency of results (low jitter) in individual tests. Information about this benchmark test is available here.

Enhancements in eXtremeDB Financial Edition 7.0 include:

Client/Server Database Architecture

Previous versions of eXtremeDB Financial Edition defaulted to an in-process database architecture, with database functions embedded in application code and the DBMS executing from within the application process. Version 7.0 introduces eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s ability to work out-of-the-box as a client/server DBMS, with separate database server and client application components. This simplifies the implementation of distributed query processing, in which the DBMS distributes query processing across shards (eXtremeDB Financial Edition server software) that execute on multiple servers, CPUs and/or CPU cores.

eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s distributed query processing feature plays a key role in delivering the DBMS’s ground-breaking speed and throughput. For example, in the recent STAC-M3 benchmark tests, database processing was spread across 72 shards, running on 24 cores in an IBM Power System S824L server.

“With version 7.0, a user can install eXtremeDB Financial Edition, enter a few simple commands, and quickly be up and running with a database server – or many database servers running on separate shards, in the case of distributed query processing. Support for client/server architecture simplifies deployment and management of distributed databases. It cuts time and costs while contributing to faster, more scalable trading systems,” said Steve Graves, McObject CEO and co-founder.

In version 7.0, eXtremeDB Financial Edition also adds fault-tolerance to distributed configurations through “k-safety,” in which k-1 means each shard/server has one fully synchronized copy of the database (in addition to the main or “master” database), “k-2” means each shard has two copies, and so-on. K-safety levels are specified in each shard/server’s configuration file (a JSON document).

SQL Enhancements

Version 7.0 also significantly improves eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s implementation of the SQL database programming language. McObject has focused on SQL as eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s principal interface based on feedback from organizations developing capital markets systems, who benefit from SQL’s rapid time-to-deployment (compared to low-level languages like C/C++ and q) and the large available talent pool of SQL developers.

SQL improvements in eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s 7.0 include upgrades in its ODBC driver; overall optimization for financial calculations; better utilization of multi-core processors, both generally and for specific CPU architectures including IBM Power8, and added support for many new SQL commands.

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