Stockfuse announces first phase winners from Barclays trading game

Source: Stockfuse

Stockfuse, a revolutionary candidate evaluation and talent development platform, today announced the successful completion of the first period of the Barclays Markets Insight Game.

This activity followed Stockfuse’s time on the Barclays Accelerator programme earlier this year. Students from 800 universities across 70 countries participated in the game that celebrates innovation and talent development within the financial services sector. The first game period, from September 14 to October 13, 2015, saw university students experience the financial markets in a risk-free environment with the goal of securing a place among 18 winners globally. Among all participants, 68% were male and 32% were female.

Using natural language learning and proprietary machine learning algorithms developed by Stockfuse, six winners from the United States, Asia-Pacific and EMEA have been identified based on two categories: investment returns and thoughtfulness. The winners will now meet with Barclays professionals in their respective regions to get an up-close view of the industry. The game illustrates the innovative approach Barclays is taking to its global graduate recruitment campaign.

“Stockfuse has managed to introduce a certain factor of fun and excitement into the interaction between a financial institution and a candidate,” says APAC winner Gordon Goh of Singapore Management University. “The platform allows you to showcase your thought process and interest in the markets in a fair and meritocratic way. I am excited to meet with Barclays professionals to gain further insight into the sales and trading business function and to learn about their various undergraduate opportunities.”

“Great ideas drive us forward - we welcome students from around the world who bring their unique perspectives to our real-world opportunities,” said Sharon Gillam, Barclays Global Head of Resourcing & Graduates “It’s great to be working with Stockfuse, off the back of our Barclays Accelerator programme, to explore a new talent pool, and help students cultivate skills, in the ever-changing marketplace.”

“Technology, specifically gamification, has fundamentally changed many aspects of today’s talent acquisition strategies and the popularity of the first game is a strong indication that gamification and skills-based recruitment could play a pivotal role in the future of the financial services industry,” said Sean McCormack, CEO and co-founder of Stockfuse. “Stockfuse allows firms to customize their portfolio management games and set specific requirements to increase the diversity and reach in today’s talent acquisition landscape.”

The second game period is already underway with the third gaming period launching on 13 November Students can access the game at

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