Ingenico enters mobile shopping partnership with Bancontact/Mister Cash

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346-ING), global leader in seamless payment, announced today that Ingenico Payment Services has rolled out the Bancontact/Mister Cash mobile solution for its global merchants within the Belgian market.

Mobile payment with the Bancontact app enables consumers to safely pay for items or services using their mobile devices, without requiring cards or card readers to complete the transaction. The Bancontact app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems and it enables simple online and mobile purchases.

To complete a transaction, consumers can either scan the QR code and enter their secret PIN code on their smartphone or tablet, or they are redirected to the Bancontact app on the same device to confirm the transaction with their PIN code. The user experience for consumers is highly improved through the elimination of the card and card reader.

Merchants and consumers alike benefit from the use of the Bancontact app. Merchants around the globe can now offer their Belgian customers an easy mobile payment solution through Ingenico Payment Services. Consumers enjoy a simplified and smooth check-out experience, using a trusted and secure payment option, regardless of which mobile device or browser they are using.

With over 1,500,000 installations, a considerable number of Belgian consumers have already discovered the ease-of-use and speed-to-pay offered by the Bancontact app. The benefits of the Bancontact app are also apparent to merchants, who are experiencing higher sales. For example, Mobile Vikings, the prepaid mobile provider which focuses on surfing the web, has noted that a whopping 20% of all Mobile Vikings prepaid cards are recharged on mobile devices. Mobile Vikings has already seen enormous growth as a result of its collaboration with Bancontact/Mister Cash through Ingenico Payment Services. “The partnership between Mobile Vikings and Ingenico Payment Services is clearly paying off. Their focus on innovation, secure transactions and solid technical integration of payments through mobile applications makes Ingenico Payment Services the perfect partner for electronic transaction services and integrated payment solutions,” according to Stijn Martens, Mobile Vikings CMO.

Ingenico Payment Services aims to deliver optimized consumer experiences and to help businesses boost their revenues, and the Bancontact/Mister Cash Mobile solution is an excellent way to achieve these goals. With this mass-market launch, Ingenico Payment Services has uniquely integrated Bancontact/Mister Cash, ensuring a complete shopping experience for consumers who are redirected to the merchants’ website or app. The Bancontact/Mister Cash Mobile solution is now available globally as part of Ingenico Collect, the solution that allows merchants to boost their revenues and expand easily into new markets. By offering multiple payment methods via a single contract, merchants can simplify their financial and operational management.

Kris De Ryck, CEO at Bancontact MisterCash Company has said: “Looking at the large number of retailers involved, Ingenico Payment Services brings mobile payment with the Bancontact app to the next level. As a trusted Belgian payment brand, we want to offer consumers a smooth digital shopping experience on whatever device they are using, be it a PC, tablet or smartphone. Teaming up with Ingenico Payment Services enables us to bring this exciting product to the larger market for the benefit of all our merchants and customers.”

Ingenico Payment Services has echoed these sentiments: “After seeing what this application can do in Belgium, we are proud that Ingenico Payment Services is able to offer its global merchants a complete Bancontact/Mister Cash solution for mobile devices,” said Pierre Willaert, Head of Account Development at Ingenico Payment Services. “This new payment method as part of Ingenico Collect will be a real added-value to our merchants, who can now offer online shoppers a seamless payment experience with minimal technical or operational adjustments.”

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