HalCash unveils cardless ATM withdrawal system

Source: HalCash

HalCash North America today announced the launch of Pin4™, a mobile cardless cash ATM withdrawal solution that provides businesses with a radically better way to engage with their customers through real-time delivery of cash without the need for a debit/credit card or bank account.

Pin4™ is helping to innovate the promotional world by offering companies a new reward mechanism for rebates, promotions, rewards fulfillment, and P2P transfers.

With its launch, Pin4 is pioneering cardless cash ATM withdrawals in the U.S. by enabling the next generation of solutions for consumer promotions and P2P transfers. Pin4 offers the highest level of security through its patented dual-pin authentication and is being showcased at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas this week at booth 1233.

“Cardless ATM technology is in its infancy and we are thrilled to launch Pin4, a new mobile cardless cash solution for the U.S.,” said Pin4 Chief Executive Officer Richard Witkowski. “Although this solution is new to the U.S., HalCash - which powers Pin4 - has a very successful track record in Europe where it has completed millions of cardless ATM transactions. The opportunities in the U.S. are enormous and we believe Pin4 will innovate the rebate, promotion and consumer rewards landscape by offering the appeal and effectiveness of instant gratification of cash through cardless ATM withdrawals.”

ATM Partnerships

At a time when ATM owners are seeking to build incremental transaction volumes and increase business revenue, the Pin4 Cardless Cash Network is innovating the U.S. ATM industry by providing completely new revenue streams while driving visits by new customers and potential additional retail spending during those visits. Through Pin4 partner Payment Alliance International, one of the largest independent ATM deployers in the U.S., consumers will initially be able to access money through the Pin4 network of ATMs in New York City, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles, with nationwide access available in 2016.

“Pin4 represents significant and exciting changes in the ATM industry,” said John J. Leehy III, president and chief executive officer of Payment Alliance International. “In our view, Pin4 takes the ATM to a new level of cardless cash withdrawals through P2P transfers and the ability for consumers to receive various promotions via a self-service model, whenever and wherever they want. We’re thrilled to partner with HalCash to launch the Pin4 solution at enabled ATMs in select cities and look forward to a full rollout to the entire PAI ATM network in 2016.”

Consumer Promotions and Rewards

Pin4™ is helping to innovate the promotional world by offering companies a new reward mechanism for rebates, promotions and rewards fulfillment. Providing instant cardless cash helps companies more effectively engage with their customers by offering instant gratification that creates stronger brand loyalty, delivers repeat customers and generates better results.

Instant cardless cash also provides companies with a more efficient and cost-effective promotional currency since there is no need to ship cards or checks through the mail and unredeemed rewards can be easily tracked and cancelled. As an additional benefit, Pin4 is able to provide companies with highly valuable visibility and insight into their customers through detailed tracking and reporting of reward redemptions. This data can be used to refine and optimize subsequent customer engagements.

Person to Person (P2P) Money Transfers

P2P money transfers are growing rapidly in the U.S. and consumers are seeking a simpler and more convenient way to send cash to relatives and friends. Through Pin4 partner Viamericas, a leading money transfer company, consumers can transfer money to their friends and family safely and securely, and the recipient can conveniently obtain the cash in real-time from any Pin4™ enabled ATM. 

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