Seamless taps MeaWallet for HCE platform

Source: MeaWallet

MeaWallet, a leading provider of cloud-based payment services, has agreed with Seamless to deliver cloud-based HCE payment technology to open up SEQR for contactless EMV payments.

MeaWallet’s Cloud-Based Payment Platform will be fully integrated into SEQR and go live early 2016. SEQR will demonstrate the solution at Money20/20 in Las Vegas, starting October 25th 2015.

The existing SEQR wallet - having reached more than 500.000 downloads - currently allows users to scan a QR code to pay. The new functionality provided by MeaWallet will in addition enable contactless payments to any contactless EMV terminal worldwide. The solution will initially work at all merchants accepting MasterCard PayPass and will be extended to support Visa payWave transactions in selected markets.

“Today, we are a world leader in terms of the number of direct agreements we have with merchants and retail chains. However, there has been a bottle neck with regard to how quickly we can integrate even more merchants. By using MeaWallet’s technology we eliminate this bottleneck and, on launch, will immediately provide SEQR customers with the opportunity to shop in millions of stores and points of sale across the globe. Even in countries where it is not currently possible to download SEQR,” says Peter Fredell, CEO of Seamless.

“We are proud to be selected by Seamless, being the provider of SEQR, one of the world’s most successful mobile wallets,” said Lars Sandtorv, CEO at MeaWallet. “We look forward to supporting them in enabling contactless EMV payments in SEQR. As the rapidly growing payment card market now goes mobile, this partnership is strategically important for MeaWallet in order to reach our high volume targets in an international market.”

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