DataSynapse develops transactional Grid package

Source: DataSynapse

DataSynapse, Inc., the fastest-growing provider of adaptive grid infrastructure solutions, today announced at the GridWorld conference in Boston the release of FabricServer, the company's next-generation infrastructure software designed to virtualise transactional applications in a shared grid environment for improved performance, resiliency and manageability.

DataSynapse solutions provide an adaptive grid infrastructure that enables organisations to respond to changing business demands, reducing IT spend while dramatically enhancing service levels. DataSynapse software provisions and manages diverse applications across a pool of shared computing resources. By decoupling applications and their associated Web and data services from dedicated systems, business-critical enterprise applications can easily scale on demand.

Building upon the proven track record of GridServer, the company's flagship product dedicated to grid-enabling compute- and data-intensive applications, FabricServer offers a lightweight solution for rapid deployment; easy integration with leading application server vendors including BEA, JBoss and Oracle; as well as support for other service-oriented applications.

"With FabricServer, we wanted to provide the marketplace with an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box solution that extended the benefits of virtualisation found in GridServer to transactional applications," said Jamie Bernardin, CTO of DataSynapse. "Using FabricServer, organisations can quickly scale and share application server environments with greater control and less complexity, unlike traditional approaches that rely on manual provisioning of static clusters or proprietary appliances that increase footprint and cost."

Supporting J2SE, J2EE and .NET environments, the flexible solution dynamically allocates system resources based on business priority at runtime. FabricServer's policy-based service provisioning and activation mechanism assures maximum performance and reliability of business-critical applications by monitoring and managing key metrics such as throughput, latency and resource utilisation - guaranteeing service levels are met and if breached, resources are immediately reallocated as needed.

For commercial organisations that rely on Web-based applications to conduct daily business operations including CRM, ERP, BI, SCM, and e-commerce, FabricServer helps achieve new levels of business performance by accelerating time to market for deploying business-critical applications while significantly lowering costs by optimising the use of IT assets. With dramatically improved application performance and response times, companies can make better, more informed decisions and introduce new competitive offerings for business growth and ongoing market advantage.

"DataSynapse's FabricServer provisioning environment fills the missing link between business process flow and the underlying virtualised grid resources," said Joe Clabby, vice president and practice director for Summit Strategies, a leading industry analyst and research firm. "FabricServer is exactly what the market wants: a product that makes it simple to deploy and provision everyday applications running on BEA, JBoss, Oracle and other infrastructures - that can, in turn, automatically find and use pools of storage, compute power and networking bandwidth."

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