Middlesex Savings Bank consolidates online and voice banking platforms with S1

Source: S1 Corporation

Middlesex Savings Bank, a $3 billion financial institution, has selected as its next-generation customer interaction solutions S1 Enterprise online and voice banking applications from S1 Corporation (Nasdaq: SONE), a leading provider of integrated front-office applications for financial institutions.

The bank will implement three of S1 Enterprise's nine primary applications, including S1 Business Banking, S1 Personal Banking, and S1 Enterprise Voice Banking (powered by Edify), to offer innovative new services to retail customers and expand its competitiveness with small to mid-sized businesses.

"Having our business and consumer online and voice banking applications on a single, integrated platform will enable us to effectively expand services and enhance the customer experience," said Chuck Bauer, executive vice president and chief technology officer at Middlesex Savings. "S1 Enterprise applications each have the market-leading features we require to be competitive in our market. And because the solution is integrated, and intuitive to use, our customers will find it much easier to bank with us through the self-service online and voice channels."

"Middlesex is an example of the new thinking among mid-market banks that are prioritizing multi-channel integration in their technology selections," said Ron Young, vice president of product management, marketing, and strategy for S1. "Implementing three applications and two channels on a single platform will help Middlesex to reduce costs, gain efficiencies through shared resources, and deliver improved service through a better view of its customers."

A long-standing customer of S1 solutions, Middlesex decided to adopt S1 Enterprise to create a competitive advantage in its market, improve relationships with its customers, and offer value-added services. According to Bauer, the bank's positive experience with S1 over the years and its integration with its core processor also played important roles in the decision.

The S1 Business Banking user interface and features are specifically designed for small to mid-sized business users, while S1 Personal Banking provides retail customers with advanced online money management capabilities and extensive self-service banking features in an easy-to-use solution. S1 Enterprise Voice Banking is powered by Edify, a leading global supplier of voice and speech solutions, and is an industry-leading speech recognition solution with a full suite of voice applications that give banks a humanized brand persona. The solutions are on the S1 Enterprise Platform and share the same customer and transaction data to give the bank one comprehensive view of their customers across channels.

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