Vhayu Technologies releases VWAP engine 2.0

Source: Vhayu Technologies

Vhayu Technologies today announced the release of VWAP Engine version 2.0 to improve trading execution performance.

Already deployed by 12 broker dealers in the US, the UK and Japan, VWAP Engine 2.0 enables existing client applications to access pre-defined trading strategies that attempt to achieve the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) for configurable time periods. VWAP Engine 2.0 is a module of Vhayu Velocity, the leading financial stream-processing engine that allows trading firms to capture, analyze, store and act upon massive amounts of market data.

Available for global equities trading, VWAP Engine 2.0 offers customers greater "out of the box" configurability, provides them with the Bloomberg industry-standard VWAP, increases throughput and reduces latency. In addition to calculating VWAP via traditional means, customers can develop proprietary strategies from existing front-office trading systems that access the VWAP Engine, using the Vhayu Velocity platform to publish the results of thousands of simultaneous calculations to multiple trading applications across the enterprise within milliseconds.

"Our customers asked us to improve our VWAP solution to make it more configurable. They also wanted us to minimize time-intensive development to help them move into production faster," said Jeff Hudson, CEO of Vhayu. "Now, broker dealers that lack the resources to invest in developing VWAP solutions for distribution to their buy-side customers can use our VWAP engine to customize their own unique VWAP strategies at a fraction of the cost. An added benefit, VWAP Engine 2.0 eliminates the need to white label a solution from one of their competitors."

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