Deutsche Schiffsbank deploys Fernbach risk management technology

Source: Fernbach

At the beginning of September, Deutsche Schiffsbank decided to implement Fernbach EVRM with the emphasis on IFRS, ALM and Liquidity.

As an institute specialising in long term mortgage loans, Deutsche Schiffsbank, with its headquarters in Bremen and Hamburg and representative offices in London, Athens and Hong Kong, is one of the leading ship financing banks worldwide. The shareholders are major German commercial banks:Commerzbank AG, Dresdner Bank AG, both in Frankfurt/Main as well as Bayerische Hypo- and Vereinsbank AG, Munich.

Schiffsbank offers its German and international business partners in the maritime industry tailor-made financing in all currencies required for building new ships and for purchasing second-hand tonnage. The lending business primarily involves first tier collateralised mortgage loans for ships. The ship loans are mainly funded through ship mortgage bonds. Public sector mortgage bonds are issued in order to fund the public sector lending business.

The challenge for IT therefore lies in the fact that the bonds issued are characterised by a wide range of optionalities (call rights etc.) which corresponds to structured products in terms of IFRS. This re-quires a comprehensive product splitting concept and state-of-the-art valuation functionalities.

Fernbach provides software components and applications for all the interest-bearing business of a bank. Consistent methods, efficient processes and superior data management bring benefits to lead-ing banks on a daily basis.

The merging of regulatory requirements, accounting rules and economic bank management initiated by IFRS and Basel II is implemented consistently and transparently.

The FlexFinance EVRM (Enterprise-wide Value and Risk Management) product line comprises the management of the whole product life cycle from the processes up to yield and risk analysis:

  • FlexFinance IFRS
  • FlexFinance Basel II
  • FlexFinance ALM (Asset/ Liability & Liquidity Risk Management)
  • FlexFinance Non-Maturing Products (Dynamic management of core deposits)
  • FlexFinance Regulatory Reporting
  • FlexFinance Loan Factory

Competence in the field of banking, innovative products and successful projects are the targets to which we are committed.

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