Findity launches merchant and consumer digital receipts platform

Source: Findity

Findity, Scandinavia's largest service provider of digital receipts, is taking a big step with its platform for direct communication from suppliers and merchants to consumers.

Via the digital receipt information, consumers will soon be able to access detailed product information about goods purchased as supplier, weight, quantity and content of virtually all products sold in grocery stores in Sweden. All receipts are securely stored in the cloud, and together with the new platform features this gives merchants and suppliers the possibility to quickly notify consumers if there is a problem with an item sold.

Findity has integrated its platform for digital receipts with Validoo. Validoo provides services that help to manage and secure the quality of the digital product information used throughout the value chain, from supplier to consumer. These services are based on standards for article information from GS1 Sweden, a part of a worldwide organization that develops standards for product and information flows, globally and locally. Data can be collected and transmitted automatically, securely and correctly within and between the different parties' information systems.

With Findity's integration to Validoo, there is information on the majority of grocery products from all suppliers, both in Sweden and around the world. Information is retrieved through GS1 standards for Item Information and the EAN code or GTIN *. (Global Trade Item Number)

“Our cooperation with Findity means that they and their partners can now offer product information of goods throughout the whole supplier and distribution chain all the way to the consumer. The cooperation and Findity's extension with a notification service also means increased security for the consumer and contribute to our goal of increasing consumer safety, said Bo Raattamaa, CEO GS1 Sweden and Validoo.

With the product information via the digital receipt, consumers get all the information about the contents of the product, for example, a warning will appear if the product contains substances they are allergic to. The user can when logged in online, or using the app or other solutions and applications that use Findity's digital receipts standard, add the substances or products that they want a notification or warning for.

“With the integration to Validoo and the unique features we have developed in our platform we give consumers increased knowledge and information about individual products. Our unique notification service also provides the opportunity for direct communication between merchants and consumers, says Per Einarsson, head of business development at Findity AB.

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