DekaBank licenses Fernbach's FlexFinance

Source: Fernbach

DekaBank has opted for the FlexFinance Liquidity solution in order to implement the requirements of Basel II/Pillar II with regard to the management of liquidity risks and stress tests for market price risks.

There were two decisive factors in DekaBank's decision-making process. These were, on the one hand, the functional depth of the solution which ensures that requirements are fully met and, on the other, the future-proof technology and investment security which the solution provides. This is achieved by the fact that all analyses are based on a completely integrated data set offering the appropriate views over and beyond liquidity risk management for all aspects of total bank management such as ALM, Basel II and IFRS.

As a stand-alone solution, FlexFinance Liquidity enables DekaBank to carry out exact liquidity management thanks to its consistent view of the liquidity situation. The solution offers a wide range of analysis functions based on same day cash flows. Apart from the stringent separation of "secure", expected and hypothetical cash flows, the solution provides full transparency and traceability through comprehensive drilldown possibilities down to individual deal level.

Since different types of simulation deals can be captured and flexibly assigned to freely definable portfolios, a variety of fictional trends or scenarios can be simulated in what-if analyses. The defined fictional trends then form the basis for estimating the expected fluctuation of the cash flows CFLaR (Cash Flow Liquidity at Risk). If stress scenarios for interest rates are used in addition to the scenario for the fictional trend, FlexFinance Liquidity provides support when determining VLaR (Value Liquidity at Risk).

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