PayPal Here chip card readers come to the US

Source: PayPal

Today, we’re announcing that our PayPal Here Chip Card Reader will be available in the U.S. on September 30.

The reader works on both iOS and Android platforms and accepts chip card transactions, magnetic stripe, and contactless near field communication (NFC) transactions including Apple Pay™, Android Pay™, Samsung Pay, and any other NFC-enabled device or card.

It is important that merchants understand the consequences of the EMV liability shift of fraud losses. To help our small business customers prepare, we have been providing updates on the process since earlier this year and educating businesses on what the liability shift means for them. Beginning this Thursday, October 1, merchants who do not accept chip cards will be liable for point of sale fraud when their customers use chip cards, unless they upgrade to an EMV terminal.

The PayPal Here EMV reader has been available in the UK and Australia for almost two years, so we understand the market dynamics and impact of EMV on merchants. Beyond the need to accept chip card payments, merchants should view the liability shift as an opportunity to upgrade and modernize their Point of Sale systems with the latest technology that enables them to sell online, on mobile and in-person all with the same account. Future-proofing with a solution that already accepts multiple forms of payment is key to being prepared for new technologies - like contactless payments.

The new PayPal Here reader is available starting September 30 here. The device costs $49 through the PayPal Here Rebate Offer, which offers a $100 credit to PayPal Here customers in the U.S. that process at least $3,000 within three months of activating the chip card reader*. Merchants interested in learning more about the EMV liability shift or ordering the new PayPal Here Chip Card Reader can find more information at We look forward to working with small businesses to help mitigate the impact of the liability shift on their business, and we will continue to innovate to help them stay ahead of the payments curve.

*Available October 2015. $149 at purchase with $100 rebate to your PayPal account with $3,000 processed within 3 months. Check back for complete terms and conditions in October.

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